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Tradetech         Sep-12 London    Panel               FX within Cross Asset Quantitative Processes

IQPC            Jun-11 London    Presentation Generating Alpha Returns Using Algorithmic Trading

Terrapinn          Jun-11 London    Presentation Currency Alpha and Market Regimes

Terrapinn          Jun-11 London    Panel               Strategies and Instruments  in a  Currency as an Asset Class context

Euromoney       May-11 London    Panel               The Dollar: A Dead Man Walking

RBS            Apr-11 London    Presentation FX in Focus

Fx Invest           Mar-11 Zurich    Presentation Market Risk Behaviour and the Link to Achieving  Alpha

Marcus Evans   Feb-11 London    Presentation A Turning Point in the FX Landscape

Fx Week           Nov-10 London    Panel               Potential Currency Moves and New Opportunities

FX Invest          Mar-10 Zurich    Panel               Optimal Trading

Fx Week           Nov-09 London    Presentation Detecting Risk in Currency Markets

Marcus Evans   Sep-09 London    Presentation Managing Currency Risk in Today's Market

FFM            May-09 London    Presentation An Eigen Value Approach to Risk Regimes in Currency Markets

FFM            May-09 London    Presentation FXDX and Trading Style Analysis

FX Week          Nov-08 London    Presentation Statistical Features of G10 Exchange Rates

FX Week          Jul-08 NYK    Panel                Panel discussion:  Opportunites and Risks for FX Traders

Euromoney       May-08 London    Panel                The changing nature of the FX Business

FFM            May-08 France      Presentation The Positioning of the Median Currency Manager

FX Week          Oct-07 Singapore Panel                Perspective on Managing Risk and Creating Alpha

IIR            Sep-06 Holland    Presentation Currency Overlay in an Alpha Context

Fiance IQ          May-06 London    Presentation Bid Ask and Transaction Prices in a Specialist Market

FFM            May-05 London     Presentation Allocating by Liquidity and Time Horizon

Euromoney       Jan-04 London    Panel                Liquidity and Efficient Delivery of Currencies

Scotia bank       Nov-03 Toronto    Presentation Currency Programs: Implementation Issues

FFM            May-99 London    Presentation Real Trading Volume and Price Action in the FX Markets

HFDF            Apr-98 Zurich    Presentation Hedge Ratio & Spread Trading with High Frequency Data

IFF            Apr-98 London    Panel The Currency Factor

Guildhall           Sep-97 London    Presentation Practical approach to Currency Trading

FFM             May-97 London    Presentation FXDX and Trading Style Analysis

FFA             Jun-96 Paris    Presentation A Dynamic Index for Managed Currencies Funds

FFM             Mar-95 London    Presentation Dynamic Strategies: A correlation Study

In the below you will find a none exhaustive list of papers and conferences I participated to. I will add links to the papers and conference proceeding wherever possible.
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